Kamoinge Workshop Exhibition

From Harlem to Metuchen

“Lens on Black Life”

MAY 8, 2021 – JUNE 30, 2021


I am so thrilled to announce that Papillon & Company will be hosting Kamoinge Workshop – a collective of Black photographers – in our Metuchen store this May. The members will be sharing their stories and experiences, and exhibiting their works.

Kamoinge Workshop was established in New York City in 1963. The founders and members were deeply committed to photography’s power and status as an independent art form. Their dedication and vision to educate, empower and support each other changed the narrative of Black lives in America as depicted by mainstream media https://www.kamoinge.com

I am honored that the photographers of Kamoinge Workshop, who were on exhibit at the Whitney Museum in NYC from November 21, 2020 – March 28, 2021 will be sharing their works and stories once again. https://whitney.org/exhibitions/kamoinge-workshop

The exhibition in Metuchen comes at a poignant time in race relations in America and when a pandemic has impacted the lives of millions, yet it is also an opportunity to reflect, exchange, learn and build better bonds.

The “Harlem to Metuchen” exhibition has three components: 1) opening of the exhibition at the Papillon & Company store; 2) a virtual panel discussion on the experiences over their careers; and 3) a photography workshop with these renowned photographers.

We need your support to pull this together, something that I truly believe is important. Art is healing, art is uniting and this store is committed to continuously working with local artists, to promoting their work, to marketing it, and selling it. Your financial support will make this exhibition and event series possible and enable us to execute events that are inclusive, sensitive and responsible.

We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you drop into the exhibition.


Exhibition/Sponsor Details

Any level of support – Thank you!

MAY 8 – Individual or Corporate Sponsors ($250+ Sponsors)

Opening of the exhibition

Meet the Kamoinge Photographers

For your sponsorship, you will receive a signed copy of a Kamoinge Member book

Acknowledgement including on marketing materials

May 13 – (Free / Virtual – registration required)

Panel Discussion with Kamoinge Members experiences

MAY 22 ($50 ticketed)

Photography Workshop

Meet Kamoinge members

Workshop Ticket

A massive thanks to these sponsors. Your contribution makes this possible.


Evangeline Mueller

Jane Beverley Smith

Mark Harris

Robert Diken


BaseCamp Studio

For inquiries on how to sponsor or support this exhibition email: basecampstudio67@gmail.com or call 732-762-5224